Felicity Thompson/ witch-hunter/ student

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Felicity Thompson/ witch-hunter/ student

Post  Panda-Chan on Mon Jan 16, 2012 5:53 am


NAME: Felicity Thompson

GENDER: Female

AGE: 14

INFECTED: Hybrid (witch, hunter)

EYE COLOR: chrysochlorous (greenish-gold)

HAIR COLOR: Altogether, her hair is a dark chocolate brown. Flyaway strands shine golden. When exposed to the sun the outline of her hair is a dark golden color.

APPEARANCE: Under her eyes are thick dark purple-almost black rings from lack of sleep or too much crying. Prescription sunglasses to prevent her growing eyes from being scratched out. Her nails aren’t as long nor sharp as a hunter and witch but she still has deadly claws that most should watch out for. Long brown hair fans down to her lower back and is cut straight across and her fringe is pinned back with a pink hair clip, a mustered yellow jacket with hood down, plain simple white t-shirt, navy blue skinny jeans, and HUGE men’s red converse because her feet are extremely large. Scars decorate her long legs in various pink patters; duck-tape is wrapped on her upper right arm, both thighs and ankles, the type on her right ankle is longer than the left.

HEIGHT: 5’10

PERSONALITY: Felicity is the average quiet girl in class, very shy and can be known as a major creeper. She does not have many friends, which adds to her depression. Sometimes whether it is in class or at home, she will suddenly start crying for no real reason. Being part witch naturally give her a short temper when startled or pissed off, she will not hesitate to shred them apart. A hidden trait that most other zombies do not see often is a fun jokester; yes, the shy, easily startled teenage zombie is a funny sarcastic girl.

INTERACTION WITH OTHER STUDENTS: Other students around the school are genuinely disturbed by her strange antics. She is shunned by the society of normal infected, even if she is kind and friendly to them. However, there is a good explanation for them avoiding her. Felicity has a terrible habit of stalking or freaking the shit out of people.

INTERACTION WITH TEACHERS: She is a straight A student and a teacher’s pet but some are concerned of her strange behavior. She enjoys the company of older peers because they actually understand her issues.

HISTORY/BIO: Felicity at a young age didn’t have the best family relationship. Her father was a kind gentle man who loved his daughter with all his heart. However, her mother was a cruel, abusive creature who would constantly beat and claw Felicity to the point of breaking for being different and weaker than the normal infected. The beatings became a routine and her father couldn’t do anything since he grew ill and has been bed ridden for years, slowly slipping into death. This gave her mother a greater advantage. Finally, one night after another brutal torment, Felicity called the police to arrest the evil witch. Basically having no parents any more Felicity was forced out into the streets or the local orphanage. The school she goes to is L4MS where she met a boomer named Kris Jerry instantly becoming best friends over the years. His family absolutely adored her and decided to take her in until her father is healthy again (which won’t happen anytime soon) Now at the age 14 Felicity is slowly mending her broken past.

FAMILY: Parents/ father -Joe Thompson (hunter), mother -Caroline Thompson (witch), Temporary parents/ mother -Jenifer Jerry (hunter), father –Albert Jerry.

LIKES: She LOVES anime, manga, and anything that deals with Japanese culture. One of her favorite hobbies is reading and studying with Kris, speaking of Kris, he is another this she likes, foreign music help sooth her nerves whenever she is upset or just needs to simply relax.

DISLIKES: Mean people just frizzle her mood because they would always make fun of her for several things, vegetables are evil!!!! (Like every teen) Fakes annoy her to no end, what’s the deal with them in the first place? Why be something you’re not? And violence is a big one, only thanks to her mother.


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Re: Felicity Thompson/ witch-hunter/ student

Post  TenderFoot on Mon Jan 16, 2012 7:06 am


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