Victor Victrola - Clown - Student

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Victor Victrola - Clown - Student

Post  FrancisELF on Mon Jan 09, 2012 5:26 pm

NAME: Victor Victrola


AGE: 13




APPEARANCE: Loves the color Light Blue, and anything that is close to it. He is a very fashionable young man who cares about his looks. He looks like this little pimp who likes wearing high-class coats, tops, pants, and shoes... but always wear the same scary printed shirt of a clown on every clothes he wears. He loves to wear his hair with a gel or a wax and push it all back to look even more fancy. He stands at about 5'2, and always wear his creepy grin... and his clown make-up.


PERSONALITY: He loves them ladies. He has read all the cheesy pick-up line books, romantic novel crap, and all the books he can think of that can help his playboy agenda going with a BANG! Victor is also the type of kid who would sweet talk his way to almost everything if he can. He enjoys picking up girls, or just flattering them as a hobby. But what really boils this young man's blood of YOUTH is the girl's who shy away from the crowd.... and he loves to tease them a lot~

INTERACTION WITH OTHER STUDENTS: He is good in more ways then one with girls, but with boys... he tends to really get into trouble with them... and ends up with a fight with most of them.

INTERACTION WITH TEACHERS: He is an angel with female teachers... but probably a pesky clown with the male teachers.

HISTORY/BIO: Victor Victrola is the heir to his families fortune. The Victrola family who has been involved with a lot of.... unmentionable things. As far as he could remember, Victor was always a clown... and probably the reason why he turned into an infected clown to begin with. His families richness has always got him out of trouble... and which probably made him the asshole that he is in a very young age. His families wealth is his all, and he can stand up to the Victrola name with his own reputation as who he is.

He is the Victrola's pride. Even if he is a jerk. When it comes to living up to his family's expectations... he can do more.

Victor is a good-for-nothing-jerk-ass-rich-bastard-playboy-genius-prodigy...... and there's nothing anyone else can do about it.

FAMILY: He supposedly have 7 older brothers... until he killed them all. He is a manipulative bastard who will do anything to get what he wants... so if his brothers were to speak... are next in-line to be the heir of his beloved families riches... then he just have to eliminate them. He also killed his Grandfather who was also in the way... who had 3 other sons who also in the way with linking his father, who was the youngest........ so he killed his 3 uncles........ and then their sons..........and until his family is now the head of the family, Victor the manipulative-crazy-SOB is now having the time of his life. Manipulating all his family to do as he pleases. But then again, they are just as shitty scared of the clown.. and whatever he is capable of doing.

LIKES: He likes girls, women, and the like.

DISLIKES: He hates boys, men...... but he can manage to get along with them. As long as he feels like it.

EXTRA: He has two HEROES. Barney Stinson and Chuck Bass.


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Re: Victor Victrola - Clown - Student

Post  TenderFoot on Tue Jan 10, 2012 6:46 am


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