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Post  Meral-Donei on Fri Jan 06, 2012 10:01 pm

Meral had to admit, she'd never set foot into J.J. Scoops. Ever.
She's heard that the place had over the top ice cream flavors, and that was all Meral needed to be interested in the ice cream shop.

The huntress wandered into the doors of J.J. Scoops, breathing in the sweet aroma of the frozen milky treats. Interesting place here... Meral finally wandered up to the counter, and rang the bell to signify she had arrived.

Many minutes passed, and still, no one had come up to the counter.
"Helloooo, I'd like to get some ice cream please!" Meral yelled as she leaned over the counter.
Heh, this place doesn't seem to be what people say it is...

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