David (Smity) Gower/Tank/Fugitive

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David (Smity) Gower/Tank/Fugitive  Empty David (Smity) Gower/Tank/Fugitive

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NAME: David (Smity) Gower


AGE: 47


SEXUALITY (if over 16): Bisexual (once was married to a female, and dated a man once)




APPEARANCE: A huge body builder that’s pretty much all he does in prison besides gambling with the inmates. Vain riddled pink skin, a large gold tooth, and balding grey hair. In jail they have to wear the original orange jumpsuits and black sneakers. At the sleeves it was ripped by his incredible muscle mass, his number is 16035 and it’s located on the upper left breast and on the back of his outfit. When not in jail he wore a torn up blue shirt and lighter blue jean shorts.

OCCUPATION (optional): professional criminal (currently imprisoned)

PERSONALITY: David is a classic criminal; he even changed his name to Smity for dramatic effect. As a kid he still was a bad boy and would constantly pick fights, pretty ruthless guy, and being a tank he had the better advantage. He can be very gentle, kind, loving, and act like he really cares as long as he feels like it. It’s in his nature to have a short temper, that lead him to jail but sometimes his anger goes towards protecting his family. Olive is his youngest niece and because she isn’t a big strong Tank like the rest of the family so he is more protective of her, besides that she is the only one who continues to visit him. Overall Smity is a giant murderous teddy bear…

INTERACTION WITH OTHERS: Like his personality he isn’t the nicest zombie to know, yet he will show affection to those he cares for. People who piss him off…well let’s say they haven’t found the bodies yet >_>…

HISTORY/BIO: Again Smity is a rough and tough MOFO since he was a little kid. His criminal career wasn’t that far behind either. He started off stealing merchandise from convenience stores and then advanced higher to banks and armed robberies. He soon met the girl of his dreams when he was 18, a Tank named Caroline so he took his evil-doing down a few notches; they both fell madly in love and had a drive through wedding and built a nice little house together. Unfortunately Caroline was unable to have kids and that’s why Smity takes such a shine to his brother’s children. A few years later Olive adopted her son Evan and married a douche, who soon divorced her. Smity beat the shit out of the guy, landing him in jail as his final strike. Caroline broke off the marriage and left the United States to live in Europe. He is currently living the rest of his days behind bars, with the occasional visits and lectures of his niece and great nephew.

FAMILY: His brother Harold Gower (Tank), Sister-in-law Patricia Gower (Tank), older niece Kristy Gower (Tank), youngest niece Olive Gower (hunter), and great nephew Evan Gower (jockey)

LIKES: Getting into fights is just what Smity does, nothing personal, he just loves it. Teaching His nieces how to kill a survivor Tank style was wonderful bonding and wishes he could do the same with his great nephew, He enjoys writing about things he is grateful for (even if they don’t sound all too grateful to others O.O), and being the macho man in the entire prison. He misses being able to rob banks and have incredibly awesome get away chases from the cops.

DISLIKES: Anything that dares to mess with him or his family; it’s kinda obvious that cops aren’t his favorite zombies to hang around, they really blow his fun away >.<+ (dirty coppers), and worst of all he hates small spaces because he is a big guy he needs a lot of room to move around in.

EXTRA: in high school he slept with his best friend Lewis (yes it’s a dude) and began dating him until senior year.

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David (Smity) Gower/Tank/Fugitive  Empty Re: David (Smity) Gower/Tank/Fugitive

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