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NAME: Turkey Lee Jones


AGE: 27

INFECTED: *cough, cough* SMOKER!!!





APPEARANCE: Ubber tall (NO! Srsly), pale green tinted skin like all smokers, gravity defying blonde spiky hair and it is not gelled. Large gages pierced in his ears, three really long tongues: one in his mouth, two in the back. When he isn’t working he wears dark blue skinny jeans and a white halter-top, but with the kids he actually looks presentable. Nice button-up shirts and some jeans.

OCCUPATION: A chemistry teacher

PERSONALITY: HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! YES A BIG ONE!!!! Turkey certainly is one hell of a guy. He is an awesome SOB and can be an asshole to himself or friends; as his Girlfriend calls him, The King of Idiots. That’s probably because he does a lot of dumb shit on purpose just to annoy everyone around him. Nothing but a big kid with minor good qualities, being a dumbass is sort of his thing though and that’s how he likes it, he will act like the worlds stupidest person when he is actually pretty smart (more like smart ass >_>). He loves to make people laugh or angry, sometimes both. Of course just like every jerk he has a soft side and he only allows people who are close to him see this, or if he had done something REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY bad (like hurt some kid) then he will do everything he can to make it better. People just need a sense of humor to understand him better. That’s another reason he is in love with Sunny. She is the only person who can put up with him.

INTERACTION WITH THEIR STUDENTS/TEACHING METHODS: He loves to teach, especially when using his Fun methods, that meaning lots of dangerous experiments and interaction in his lectures. If a student needs help on something he will try to simplify whatever the problem is…..or….he will just call the kid a dummy and go back to whatever he was doing before….unfortunately for the students he also like to scare the hell out of them.

INTERACTION WITH CO-WORKERS: depends on who they are. But I guess either way he will be an ass and bully them; sometimes he is nice.

HISTORY/BIO: Turkey as you can see looks as if he wasn’t raised very well when in truth he was loved a lot by a NORMAL family (gasp!!!) His parents were average day zombies, caring to their sons, hardworking, and….normal. How Turkey ended up the way he is now is because of all the boring stuff he would do throughout his days. A constant routine that he couldn’t stand so he changed it up a bit, watching too much TV, sneaking out late, still loving his parents, acting like a butthead to his brother while his brother did the same back to him, the usual cook up for a Jerk. By time high school started his only fighting partner in the battle of wits left for college leaving Turkey craving the insults he used to receive. That’s when he began prancing around like a moron. More enemies were made than friends and he got pretty lonely so he sought out other jackasses to share a good competition. Years went by and he didn’t do too well with the teachers, he often said that high school was living hell because the educators didn’t exactly take likings to his jokes. Thus gave him the idea to be the best teacher in the universe!!!! After getting his teaching license he applied for L4MS as a chemistry teacher. No later he met his Girlfriend, Sunny, through his best friend Scott. Instantly he fell head over heels for her and after several months being together, they finally moved into her apartment getting closer and closer each day.

FAMILY: Parents/ Tiffany Jones (Smoker) & Brandon Jones (Smoker), Siblings/ Richard Jones (smoker)

LIKES: dangerous stunts, funny jokes, annoying people, Sunny Evanovich, his hair, kids, sarcasm, liquor, and his pet zombie dog

DISLIKES: strict rules, strict people, boring stuff, cleaning, and peanuts


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