Melvin Torrenson/Jockey

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Melvin Torrenson/Jockey

Post  Tigressanna on Wed Sep 21, 2011 7:31 am

NAME: Melvin Torrenson


AGE: 13




APPEARANCE: He’s a ginger, braces, glasses, messy hair.

HEIGHT: 4’ 5” tall

PERSONALITY: Melvin is really smart, and a bit of a nerd. He can be really nice if you get to know him, but he tends to shy away from others. He can be a bit jumpy, too. If you sneak up behind him and spook him, he'll jump onto the nearest person and go jockey on them. Melvin rarely ever gets mad, the only way he would get mad if someone disses video games. All in all, he is smart, kind, jumpy, and hardly gets mad.

INTERACTION WITH OTHER STUDENTS: Melvin is shy at first, but once you start talking to him, he'll open up a bit. He does get picked on a lot, but he toughs it out.

INTERACTION WITH TEACHERS: Melvin respects all of the teachers and does his best to keep on their good side.

HISTORY/BIO: Past: Melvin used to be a happy go lucky kid who would talk to anybody. He never knew his real mom, and his father married a witch named Diana. He treated her like his real mom, though. Melvin was really attached to his father, Agustus. He would play video games with him quite often and would even play a bit of baseball. When Melvin was 9 his dad died from getting hit by a train. Melvin then secluded himself from others and started to play video games more than ever hoping his dad would walk through the door.
Present: Melvin is the shy, nerdy kid at school. He still plays video games quite often and is very close to his step-mom. He is very hard to talk to since he doesn't like to talk to others much. He does well in school and is well behaved.

FAMILY: His step-mother, Diana. She is a witch and she works as a relator. His dad, Agustus, was a jockey, deceased.

LIKES: Video games, Chex Mix, baseball, puzzles.

DISLIKES: Getting picked on, being called ginger.

EXTRA: He tends to get the hiccups fairly easily.
He has a bit of a wheezey breath when nervous.
He usually sits on the swings alone during recess.

HIGH SCHOOL INFORMATION(OPTIONAL): In high school, Melvin is more open with others and has become a bit of a flirt. He still gets good grades in school and he plans on going to college to become a journalist. He still is a bit jumpy, though. He does a bit of mischief, but nothing so far that is illegal.

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Re: Melvin Torrenson/Jockey

Post  TenderFoot on Tue Sep 27, 2011 8:01 am


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