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Post  Sire on Fri Dec 30, 2011 4:17 pm

“Well….can’t say that its good to be back…” A tallish man said as he raised his arms to stretch, walking into the Teachers’ Lounge. He scanned the room with his one eye, looking around in curiosity, at how different everything looked. “God damn, you’re gone for half a year and everything looks different,” He shook his head as he went over and approached the coffee pot, picking it up and sniffing it for a second. “Same horrible coffee though.”

He poured himself a cup of coffee anyway and stared to take a sip of it as he sat down, pulling out some papers. It seemed like a lot of things had changed, and he was to fond of it. Perhaps attempting to hit on Principal Bane, and feeling her up wasn’t such a good idea. After all, not only did it get him suspended from the school for eight months, but now he was going to have to meet new people. Ryder shivered at the thought.

“Well, Maybe Scuttle died,” Ryder grumbled taking a sip of the foul coffee, sitting in those horrible uncomfortable chairs, “That could be a plus…”


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