Kimiko Rae Van Helsing/Smoker/Security Guard

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Kimiko Rae Van Helsing/Smoker/Security Guard

Post  Tigressanna on Wed Sep 21, 2011 7:31 am

NAME: Kimiko Rae Van Helsing

GENDER: Female

AGE: 26

HEIGHT: 6' 1"





APPEARANCE: Tall in stature, hourglass figure, bob cut, tumor is on the right side of her face, has light green skin, is a C cup, Japanese decent. Below is a simple drawing of her.

OCCUPATION: Security guard for the middle school.

PERSONALITY: Kind, friendly, strong, independent, trustworthy, loving, slightly perverted. Kimiko is a real family person. She cares for her family and friends and will help them whenever they need it. She has a motherly side to her as well. Even though she was an orphan as a child, she is very in tune with her heritage. She's never one to miss paying a bill or slack off. Whenever her wife Quin is sick, she tries her best to take care of her.

INTERACTION WITH CHILDREN/(if coach: TEACHING METHODS): She’s very good with children and gets along with them. As long as they behave then they are on her good side, otherwise they are in big trouble.

INTERACTION WITH CO-WORKERS/OTHER ADULTS: She acts very professional, but her attitude changes with the type of person she is with. If the person is nice, she'll act nice. If they're straightforward, she's straightforward. If they're mean, she's mean.

HISTORY/BIO: Kimiko grew up as an orphaned child in LA. She was always the one getting picked on. Whenever somebody broke the rules, she would be the first to tell on them. She was bullied, but she toughed it out. When she entered her late teens, she became Punk, but soon after grew past that and got a job at a mall. She was fired for “spying on the men’s changing room” when in fact she was trying to prevent a theft. It was a day after she was fired that she was infected. After finding her way to the city she settled down. She soon got her job at the middle school as a security guard.

FAMILY: Wife: Quin; Son: Stephan(yet to be born); Parents: unknown

LIKES: Getting things done right, going out for drinks, animals, cooking, good students, scary movies, shopping with her best guy friend Desmond, reading, home-made food.

DISLIKES: Douche-bags, crime, pranksters, vandals, students who skip school(hookie), clowns, cleaning huge messes, losing the culprit, getting sick.

EXTRA: She does have a pet cat named Mr. Fluffles. She carries around toy cuffs as a joke and tends to spin them around on her index finger. She uses her tongue to catch students on the run. She carries her cuffs everywhere. She can crush a can by punching it. If she's really suspicious of someone she will hide in the bushes and spy on them.

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Re: Kimiko Rae Van Helsing/Smoker/Security Guard

Post  TenderFoot on Sat Sep 24, 2011 10:01 am


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