Steven Viper Winchester/Hunter/Pet Supplies Store Owner

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Steven Viper Winchester/Hunter/Pet Supplies Store Owner Empty Steven Viper Winchester/Hunter/Pet Supplies Store Owner

Post  Tigressanna on Wed Sep 21, 2011 7:28 am

NAME: Steven “Viper” Winchester


AGE: 24



EYE COLOR: He has no eyes.


APPEARANCE: Blue zip-up jacket, brown pants, short hair, muscular build, about 6 feet, scars of three claw marks diagonally right side of his face, red converse, keeps hood down most of the time.

OCCUPATION: Store Manager/Owner

BUSINESS: Viper’s Pet Supplies, not to be confused with a pet store. He sells all sorts of items from food to toys and everything in between. He runs the business by himself but has the assistance of a silver back gorilla named Klondike. He found Klondike injured and he helped him out. Klondike helps by restocking and cleaning the best he can. Steven does have some issues with Klondike, but he's working them out, for example potty training.

PERSONALITY: He isn't really a fan of kids, mainly just the brats. He'll only sell stuff to them in order to make cash. He has a temper, but is pretty chill if you get on his good side. Animals are his life and he'll do anything to keep them happy. Steven is a total prick most of the time, except around his girlfriend and his friends. He'll kick a jockey around since he has a grudge against them. He just wants to kick back and relax when the store's empty, but he can be seen at an animal shelter helping out with adoptions.

INTERACTION WITH CUSTOMERS: He’s polite in his own way. He’ll help his customers just to keep up appearances for the shop. If he gets a really bitchy customer, ADIOS! He kicks them right out with the help of his friend Klondike.

INTERACTION WITH OTHERS OUTSIDE THE WORK PLACE: He rarely interacts with others outside of his work. He is really corny when it comes to his girlfriend, Olivette. He does like to act tough, too. He can be chill, but he’s not afraid to sock somebody in the nose.

HISTORY/BIO: Steven was born somewhere in Ohio and never got along with his parents, or his Uncle Sam(ESPECIALLY HIM). He was okay with his godfather, but they've had disagreements. When Steven was 17 he was infected. After discovering there was no cure, Dean, Sam, and Bobby decided to kill him, saying it was for his own good. Steven escaped and started his own Pet Supply Store called Viper's Pet Supplies. Most of his merchandise is crap he stole from PetCo and Petsmart, the rest are collars that he makes. He's stolen his dad's car on several occasions, in fact, he grew up most of his life in that car. His dad train him to be a hunter but he isn't very serious at this. He honestly doesn't even give a rat's ass about what his dad does. Steven does know a thing or two about killing demons and ghosts, though, a lot of it was forgotten from the infection. Unlike his father and Uncle, Steven has yet to die once. He is technically dead, but he is really infected with the hunter gene. He got it from killing some zombies and he got his scratch scar from a jockey that clung to him. Steven hates Jockeys because of this.

FAMILY: Dad: Dean Winchester; Mom: Meena; Uncle: Sam; Godfather: Bobby

LIKES: Animals, pie(sweets in general), guns, knives, booze, 80s music(hair bands) and epic cars(the only two things he and his dad both agree on)

DISLIKES: His family(they want to kill him), animal haters, jockeys, humans, guys who diss on his girlfriend.

EXTRA: Steven collects weapons but has NO idea how to use them. He forgot.

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Steven Viper Winchester/Hunter/Pet Supplies Store Owner Empty Re: Steven Viper Winchester/Hunter/Pet Supplies Store Owner

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