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NAME: Victor Scallope.


AGE: 33…NOW.


SEXUALITY(if over 16): Straight. Straight…Straight? STRAIGHT! Haha. Silly fools for ever doubting me!

EYE COLOR: A light grey-blue colour. (ONE EYE.)

HAIR COLOR: A pale blond.

HEIGHT: 6’1”.

APPEARANCE: Victor is nearly an authentic looking kind of guy. I mean, you could probably glance at him and be able to say; “Dang, he looks British-“ and be 100% right, not only because he IS, but because it kind of just…shows. Starting from top to bottom, Victor usually wears (what me and Bane like to call,) a “VICTOR HAT.” (Though really it’s just one of them kangol caps. IDON’TKNOW. HERE; ) And under it, is his short blond hair. It’s not a very bright or exciting blond, but more pale than anything- which is quite a good colour to match his equally as pale skin. He has fair skin, indeed. Since Victor is a hunter, he has really sharp teeth and claws to TEARTHROUGHMEAT- but he doesn’t do that unless he’s either really pissed off at someone, or really…really hungry, so psh, forget that! He is missing one of his eyes also for the result of being a hunter- though oddly one still remains. CLEFT CHIN- Moving on. Victor wears a light blue dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, and a darker blue vest to keep it bound tightly to his upper torso. He wears black gloves for two reasons, and two reasons alone (which will be explained :>) and is either drawn wearing a pair of pale cream plaid shorts (Summer,) or a pair of cream (sort of dressy) pants for the winter season. As for shoes, well, cleats with knee socks suffice. GOLF! All in all, he’s a pretty moderately sized guy. A little tall, but not ripped or anything. Just has all the muscle he needs for an INTENSE GAME OF GOLF. (And possibly bashing some STUPID living being’s faces in. Don’t piss him off.)

OCCUPATION(optional): An ex-champion golfer. That’s right, lads. The only reason there’s an EX in front of CHAMPION, is because of the damned zombie apocalypse shit that went down! Absolutely preposterous! Poppy cock.

PERSONALITY: Let’s see here. I might have to separate his personality from before the outbreak to after.
Before: A wise ass sort of guy, though still able to maintain his British heritage in being proper. PINKY UP, CHAPS! He was greatly looked up to by his peers, and was quite an excellent host. He could be a gentleman when he wanted, and was capable of fulfilling wishes if you meant much to him. Though he was never too fond of his family- he still did what he could for them, and attended family meet ups and joined them for Christmas, etc.

After: To put it flatly, he’s a real DICK. He’ll be quick to snap, and really just won’t appreciate what you do, no matter what it may be. He still does attempt to keep his British heritage however, by using many stereotypical British insults, and will usually find himself mused with stereotypical British things- LIKE TEA POTS! MM YES. But yes, he is really not someone you would like to piss off. And if you are an infected…well you better be careful what you say around him or else he might start swinging his golf club in a fit of rage. THAT’S RIGHT, HE. Does. Not. Like infected, even though he is one himself. I would also advise you not to hold that against him. It’s just a bad idea. There are times where he may be relaxed though. For example, when he is drinking his hot tea. Yes, perhaps you catch him while he is enjoying a cup of tea. Well then he would just have to invite you to sit down for some as well! What’s a cup of tea without someone to share it with? Psh!
PS. You have about 10 minutes until the tea effects wear off.
Also he’s a bit of a pervert HAHA. You most likely will not find this out unless you really get to know him though…(lolTodd)

INTERACTION WITH OTHERS: As mentioned above, if you are an infected with a bit of a ‘tude, you better watch your head or you might lose it to an interesting game of golf, and find it set upon a tee only to be hit by a merciless CLUB. Victor really does not take too much of a liking to infected, so it’s best to be on your best behavior around him if you ARE infected. If you are immune however, you might have a much easier time. (It’s still a bad idea to piss him off, BUT…) He’s a bit angtsy about it, but he’s still glad that there’s immune around to be…well, not an infected. He would most definitely help keep an immune alive, were they to have any trouble, (unless you really get him WRILED UP, then you best be running) and would offer them at least a slight bit of hospitality in the…maybe not most RESPECTFUL manner, but it’s better than nothing.

HISTORY/BIO: Like his older, pre-infected self, Victor was a pretty snarky wise-ass rich kid who’s parents were too busy to pay much attention to him. In his private school he ‘set an example’ for the other children by being a devious teacher’s pet, but also mentally bullying the other students. Sometimes he would be physical, but it really wasn’t his thing, because if you were physically bullying there was more of a chance in getting caught! Eventually after getting a bad grade in school and being miserable about it, Victor laid himself down in front of the small antique T.V in his room, and started watching. He flicked through the miniscule amount of channels that came with early cable, but stopped once he stumbled upon some weird black and white movie about golf. Man, how old was this movie?! He didn’t care. It interested him from the start.

It was then that he decided that he wanted to play golf. He demanded his father get him a golf course in the backyard, and a golf course in the back yard is what he got. Sure it was for his birthday, but nonetheless, it was. AWESOME. He wasn’t too good at first, but practice makes perfect, right? Right. He played golf until his hands blistered- (which after that…he asked for a pair of gloves.) And he played for years until one day, in his mid-teens, he was going to compete in a golf tournament for kids his age. He was confident, he held his head up high, and he had his peers (who he most likely yelled at thoroughly,) by his side to cheer him on.

He realized golf was a much harder sport then he had thought, however, when he was beaten and nearly placed at the bottom of the competitors. His friends left his side because they were fed up with him. And now that he lost, they knew they had been wrong about him, and no longer had hope. Victor finally felt the sting of loneliness and all the heartache he’d most likely caused during his years of living. He knew he had to change it- and he had to step up his game. First, he needed a caddy. CHECK. Next, he most definitely had to be more polite. CHECK. Then, he had to gain himself some friends- CHECK, though he had to start visiting a different golf course for this to work. A public one, but one that would surely not contain anyone he would know. And finally, he had to practice. Week after week, point after point, high five after high five- he was ready to try again.

The next competition was being held, and he felt like he was ready. He had three good men to his name that he found were also superior golf players themselves, (though not quite as good, hehehe) and his dashing, lovely lady of a caddy whom…shit, he wasn’t going to deny, he had a small crush on. Ida was her name, and man would Victor like to- EHEM. It appeared things were starting to turn good for himself however when before the golf tournament started, she placed a kiss on his cheek.

And somehow, he made it first place.
And he KEPT making first place.

Once he felt as though he could start supporting himself with the money he had earned from winning competitions, he asked Ida to marry him, and they both moved into a house of their own. His close friends lived not too far away, and they would all golf together at least 3 times a week.

However, it looked as though Britain wasn’t going to be his homeland for long, because he continued to move up in golfing ranks. And when you move up, you move OUT. He was around 25 when him, his wife and his friends all moved to America. It was only temporary…or so he thought. More competition, more money, and the feeling of being smarter than everyone else was very self satisfying. Him and his chaps even found themselves owning one of the golfing properties- a nice building it was, and an excellent place to store their trophies! Things were going swimmingly until- WOAH. What was this? Age 30, and he was going to be a dad in approximately 9 months. Dear god how EXCITING!

But with everything good, the good things were TOO good to last. Cases of a dangerous flu have been going around nearing the time when Ida was supposed to birth the baby. Victor panicked, and wanted to do WHATEVER he could to make sure she was safe. He loved her. But the flu was nothing like he had thought- and on the trip back from a store, he noticed the house’s door left wide open. Hold on…that wasn’t right. He made sure it was shut, LOCKED even. Slowly, he walked over until he was nearing the entrance- Blood? He could feel himself shaking. Never would he have expected to find what he did- a pair of deformed beings (later called common infected) had killed his wife, and started to tear her apart, eat her- it was so grotesque Victor couldn’t help but turn his head and vomit. A deep rage was bubbling inside of him then, but he was much too fearful to act upon it. Instead, he ran back to his minivan in which he used to carry him, his wife and his colleagues around everywhere, and went exactly to the place where he could find each said man.

All of them.

For a second time in his life, Victor became weak. It was such a terrible time to become as weak as he was, as well, because in a short amount of time it lead to sickness- and then…ah fuck, he was becoming what he had feared oh so much.
An infected.
Claws, sharp teeth, that animalistic hunger for flesh- his gloves ripping and his own claws digging into the palms of his hands- eating what he shouldn’t be eating- craving what he shouldn’t be craving- mess- MESS- MESS! Tea…tea. Calmly, he set up a pot of tea, wiping blood from around his mouth after he had fed upon human flesh. He drank the tea, and thought. Could he think? Somehow, yes. He thought, and his brows furrowed. What was he DOING? He looked down to the gashes in his hands, and widened his eyes. No, he couldn’t let this happen. He was smarter than that. He was Victor Scallope, a champion golfer. A champion golfer whom lost his wife, friends, and his sanity for at least a week. It was time to clean up the mess he had made, and fix what he could. He could think, somehow, and he was going to take advantage of it.

He cleaned up, snatched himself a new pair of gloves, and bottled his rage up to the point where he’d only let his cap fly off if something really pissed him off-
And one thing that managed to really piss him off, was a new caddy he had managed to collect for himself. He knew he was lucky, (for there was hardly any ‘survivors’ left,) but damn this kid really knew how to drag his nails on the Victor’s nerves chalkboard. He was a good kid though, and Victor had to respect that. He knew what teenagers were like, and he knew that he was one himself one time, making mistakes and what not- but that only kept him from not killing the boy. And…MAYBE…caring about him, a little. Maybe it was something about being a caddy?! WHO KNOWS! One day however, he found his caddy was gone. As much as he didn’t want it to affect him, it did. He needed to escape from all the trauma this damned place had caused him, and decided to pay his family (who was still alive, damn it all,) a visit. And that, he did. He stayed longer than he had hoped, because for once it was actually kind of nice to see the people who (sort of) loved him, again. It was also nice to see his homeland, and walk upon the land that he had years ago.

Eventually he had enough of his family, and went back home.
And the moment he stepped into his house, boy did he wish he was back in Britain. His face grew red, and his teeth grit together angrily-
His house was a STY, and he knew exactly who put it that way.

FAMILY: Dumb family that he hates, DEAD WIFE AND FETUS. DEAD FRIENDS. Fuck everything there’s no family, get out of here.

LIKES: TEA. All of the tea. Drinking tea. Tea pots. Being neat, wearing his hat, JACKINGOFFINTHESHOWER, OLDTIMELYBRITISHPORN (f*ck you, fetishes are AWESOME. Frilly puffy dress fetish idk.), golf. GOLF. Can’t forget golf. Immunes, CRUMPETS. BRITISH. His home flag, his home town. Britain.
(There’s really not much that he likes actually.)

DISLIKES: Mostly everything that is not above ^.

EXTRA: In AU’s, Victor normally wears an eye patch, and looses an arm in *BATTLE*.

There is a lot of brackets in this app.

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