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Reyna Santiago - Immune Empty Reyna Santiago - Immune

Post  Me Versus You on Sun Dec 18, 2011 8:25 am

NAME: Reyna Santiago.

GENDER: Female.

AGE: 6


EYE COLOR: Chestnut Brown.

HAIR COLOR: Tinted Mahogany with faint streaks of brushed bronze.

HEIGHT: 3" 7"

APPEARANCE: Like her dad, she's quite lanky for a little girl, almost abnormally. Her facial features are quite rounded, rounded eyes, rounded face, and bright all around. Her skin is light tan. On the bridge of her nose and her right eye, she has several minor scars from infected encounters, aside from those; she's your typical little 1st grader. Her hair reaches down to her armpits, and is always pulled into a very low pony tail, laced with a loose yellow ribbon. (This is always done by her father, Julio.) She's never seen wearing anything other than a half-way zip up yellow rain slick, with ducks imprinted on the back, a basic black t-shirt underneath, a simple pair of dark blue Capri’s, and a pair of red and black light-up running shoes.

PERSONALITY: Reyna is very sweet for the most part, yet she tends to get very temperamental if things don’t go her way. She has the bad habit of repeating whatever she hears, taking things that don’t belong to her, and causing havoc, although it’s not intentional. She’s very ditzy for her age and can hardly tell the difference between infected and immune.

Adults – With all adults she acts very shy and hardly manages to cough words up around them. Usually when talking with an adult, she’ll pull her rain slick hood up, run away, and cower behind Julio’s legs.
Students – Around the students of the school she’s blurts things out and comments harshly based on how they look. If allowed to, she’ll mess with the infected in any way she can. (Tangle a witch’s hair, piggy back on a hunter, ride a tank, grab a smoker’s tongue, etc.)

HISTORY/BIO: She doesn’t recall much of her mother or her past, all she remembers is being dropped off in the middle of the street and her mother leaving her all alone to fend for herself and to find her father. Growing without a mother and only a father has lead her to become tough as nails. She’s learned to blend with a scene and stay under cover from other infected. When her father turned infected she barely recognized him at first, and mistakenly hit him across the head with a frying pan. After a short week of staying a distance from Julio, she’d learned to accept the way he was and carried on however she was. Months passed and they’d finally moved near L4MS, where Julio started his new job, and Reyna stays at home, messing around with whatever she can get her hands on and every so often she can be seen roaming not too far from the apartments.

Julio “Gato” Santiago
Relationship: No words could describe how much she looked up to her father. She wouldn’t last a day without seeing her dad. She barely makes it through 20 hours of not seeing him. She just flat out idolizes him.

LIKES: Rain, all the infected, anything she can play with, walking around the city, puddles, her dad’s saxophone, Carlos and Emilio her pet cats, her dad, and puddles.

DISLIKES: Being alone, hostile infected, hot weather, dry weather, not getting her way.

- Her name means "Queen" in Spanish.
-On occasion, she can be seen trying to mimic the parkour skills of a hunter.
-Her pet cats Emilio and Carlos can be seen following her as she walks around town.
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