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Post  TenderFoot on Mon Sep 12, 2011 10:31 pm

NAME: 'Screaming' Sally Lynch

GENDER: Female

AGE: 11, December 3rd



HAIR COLOR: A dead and pale blonde.

APPEARANCE: She is 4'9" and quite small. She usually has her hands held in front of herself in a protective and shy sort of way. Her blonde hair used to reach down to her mid-back until a Spitter who was sitting behind her in class burped and burned off more of it. It now reaches to the bottom of her chin. She wears a purple hairband with a bow everyday and tries to make her hair look as presentable as possible. (She really hates how short it is, and like any girl has low self-esteem) She wears an over-sized purple sweater that she likes to use to cover her long witch claws. Underneath, she wears a black skintight under armor shirt and black leggings. Sally has bright orange sneakers and they stand out like her similar glowing orange eyes. Because she's a Witch, Sally is very skinny and looks as if she might be blown away by the wind! Her leggings make her legs practically look like sticks and her sweater hangs off her shoulders haphazardly. Her claws are very long and red like the regular witch's, but she's always trying to hide them within her long sleeves.

PERSONALITY: Sally is a very shy student, and since she is a Witch this trait is emphasized. She keeps to herself most of the time and always tries to look busy with a book or homework to keep others from bothering her. She is a student at L4MS who actually enjoys going to school and learning. She has no friends, and is not really making an effort towards gaining any. But Sally can also be quite the fan-girl; secretly of course. She likes to imagine situations based in medieval fantasy times, and is secretly looking out for her 'prince charming'. Even though she is quiet, she observes those all around her and frequently gets little crushes on several boys in the class.

However, the fact that she is a Witch has effected her personality very much. Her self-esteem is extremely low, and the fact that she had to cut her hair just makes it worse. She hates being a Witch, and hates her claws. Since she's pretty intelligent for her age, she can tell that herself and her mom being a Witch burdens her father from time to time. She wishes she was human or at least immune, but since she isn't it just makes her even more upset. Sometimes she locks herself away and cries just to relieve some of the sadness she can't seem to get rid of. She also hates being stereotyped.

INTERACTION WITH OTHER STUDENTS: She's quite intimidated by her peers; never really sharing her opinion in fear of being judged or rejected. She sees most students at L4MS as 'wild' animals and believes they aren't helping convince Immune civilians of the Infected's so called domestication that was proclaimed to the City. Because of this, she thinks a little highly of herself in terms of smarts and class compared to her school-mates.

INTERACTION WITH TEACHERS: She looks up to all the teachers and will always try to exceed in their classes. Sally will most likely turn on a fellow student if it benefits her own standing with a teacher or staff member. She's like this with other adults as well; those who are actually responsible and respectable in her eyes.

HISTORY/BIO: When Sally's mother was pregnant she had been infected and transformed into a Witch. Her husband is immune and stayed with her despite the fact that she was now an Infected. When Sally was born, it was no surprise that she was a Witch. Even though Sally and her mother are both witches, her dad still tries his best to act and treat them like nothing has changed. He's a fun, easy going guy who looks out for the two special girls in his life and would protect them from anything.

Sally's dad moved them into the City where civilians were more tolerable of Infected. Plus there is also the only school for Infected there so it was perfect for their new family. Sally lives in a small house with her mom and dad at the cozy end of a suburb, about a 15 minute walk from school.

FAMILY: The only family Sally has is her mother and her father. Her mother is a Witch and her Father is Immune.

Her mother's name is Aideen Lynch and before she was infected, she was a carefree and wild individual. She was hard to keep a leash on, let's say that. What she lacks in common sense sometimes, she makes up in street smarts and beauty. After becoming a Witch, not much has changed about her besides the long claws and her now glowing blue eyes. She is also more partial to attacking her poor husband when he surprises her sometimes. (not that she can help it) She likes to treat Sally like they are best friends, while she was one of the popular girls when she was Sally's age. She can't seem to get it through her head that Sally isn't the type to want to get her nails painted and talk about boys.

Sally's father's name is Ivor Lynch and ever since he set eyes on Aideen he's been crazy about her. When he found out that Aideen was pregnant with their child it was the happiest day of his life. He's raised his family with all the love he could give them despite them being turned into Witches. Ivor works as many jobs as he can to support them and to give them whatever they want. (Aideen could never live without the latest pair of designer sunglasses) He never shows the fact that he's exhausted from work to his family and always puts on a big smile for them when he gets home. He's a tough guy, and is pretty used to zombie attacks by now thanks to his wife's random outbursts. So he has learned to talk in a firm but gentle voice to those he cares about.

LIKES: Reading, princesses, unicorns, rainbows, friendly people, teachers, adults, quiet places, getting good grades, school. Her favorite kind of books are fantasy, with dragons and magic and prince charmings rescuing princesses.

DISLIKES: She hates competition in the classroom. She will fight to be the teacher's pet. She hates troublemakers, mean people, loud noises, flashing or strobing lights, surprises, guns and stupid people.



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