Julio "Gato" Santiago - Hunter - Football Coach

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Julio "Gato" Santiago - Hunter - Football Coach

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NAME: Julio 'Gato' Santiago


AGE: 23. Birth date is sometime in January.


SEXUALITY: Straight.

EYE COLOR: His left eye is a tinted dark chestnut color, and his right eye is nothing but an empty socket.

HAIR COLOR: Dark Mahogany.

HEIGHT: 5" 8"

APPEARANCE: At first glance, he appears like quite the lanky guy, but if flexed, its show that he has some if any upper body strength, while the rest of his body is skin and bones. His skin tone is a grayish olive color and he has somewhat of a light beard growing. He is also of Mexican decent. His hair is softly curled in almost every direction imaginable, mangled and barely reaches the beginning of his spine. He’s usually seen sporting a pair of baggy khaki pants, a basic white t-shirt, a black pullover hoodie with red interior in the hood (Although he always keeps the hood up, also while shading over his only other eye) and the ‘L4MS’ crest on the back, and a pair of black running shoes. He keeps duct tape wrapped around his chest, elbows, calves, and right thigh. He always keeps small silver whistle around his neck and is seen wearing strips of duct tape around all of his fingers like rings. Due to embarrassment, he keeps bandage wrap around his right eye, to prevent people from seeing how he scratched it out. Overall, He and a portion of the general public consider him a 'handsome devil'. Although he has an alluring appearance, his personality states otherwise.

OCCUPATION: Football Coach.

PERSONALITY: Gato’s your average sly guy, not concerning the safety of others except his and Reyna’s. He’s somewhat known to get a little over protective and clingy around ‘close friends’ and maybe just slightly possessive. Around most women, he tends to flirt lightly with them, with the farthest he goes being a kiss on the hand/cheek or a harmless compliment. All around he’s got the tongue of a snake and not afraid to tell anything like it is. He’s known to foul mouth and talk trash constantly about his acquaintances just for the hell of it. Nothing fuels his anger, which irritates most. Two of the major things to frustrate him are harming Reyna or her name in any way, and patience. He talks big but, cowers if anyone tries to put up a fight with him. If one thing goes wrong his mind goes blank and leaves it for someone else to fix. If put into a tight situation, he’ll begin to freak out and lose his so claimed ‘cool.’ Julio also gets easily nervous, especially when he uncontrollably screeches.

INTERACTION WITH CHILDREN: He plays favorites with students, I mean REALLY play favorites. He favors the students in tip-top shape, giving it one hundred and fifty percent and all that nonsense. He doesn’t necessarily favor the buff beef monkeys of the team; he just adores the students that get their job done right. If a student even dares to try to snake their way out of a set of suicides, he’ll have them running until the last bell rings. If a student tries to outsmart him or even dare back talk him, they lose all due respect from him. Seventy-five percent of his student body claim he’s ‘to harsh’ on them while the other twenty-five percent state he’s ‘an outstanding coach’, these kids of course are his favorites…

INTERACTION WITH CO-WORKERS/OTHER ADULTS: Depending on who the other is he’ll treat them very differently. Julio’s very persistent and annoying around people he hates. No joke. This guy will MAKE you wish you were deaf, if you get on his bad side. He’ll cling around whomever it is he’s there to annoy and BUG THE HELL OUT OF THEM, like a mosquito. He’ll even go through the ‘trouble’ of talking behind their back, twisting their words around, and turning people against them. With newly acquainted friends, he’s very ‘touchy feel’ and knows no boundary of personal space. Julio will literally come centimeters away from his new ‘amigo’ to get his point across. He also has the tendency to uncomfortably drag them down while wrapping a friendly arm around their shoulder and give friendly 'punchies' that don’t FEEL too friendly, but after all, he’s just trying to be nice. That’s what friends do, right?

Julio Santiago grew up an only child; His father left him and his mother alone to fend for themselves before he even turned three. The only thing he had in reminder of his father was an alto saxophone. Over the years of ditching home, he learned from the various creeps of the streets to play the instrument. He never took to heart or stopped to think that his Dad didn't care for him, Julio simply assumed that he truly did love him, and that his father would return. That man was just his idol. Nothing was to change his mind.
As he grew more, he became the spit image of the rebel every kid wanted to be. Never followed orders, foul language, suspended very frequently, an 'I don't give a fuck' personality in general. If nobody was there to discipline him, then nobody would change his ways. Most of his schoolmates looked up to him, adored him, they just practically bowed down on their knees for him. He was the top of the food chain, a natural born leader in school, never concerning the consequences of his actions. He was lead to believe everyone favored him regardless of his actions.
Between his teenage years he grew more and more reckless, from skipping school to staying away from home for days. Negative influences affected his life and he soon began to adore the taste of alcohol. During his earlier years he’d learned the basics of street smarts and lady ‘woo-ing’. Life lessons taught him to never trust anyone, and to never love anyone. As a teenager he bent over backwards for almost any girl he came across. He lurked the alleys, raided trash cans, and ran along the tops of buildings unseen, hence where his nickname, ‘Gato’ came to be. Many of his ‘friends’ at the time talked him into parkour, and he followed up to be an average free running athlete.
Although Gato wasn’t the perfect son, his mother was very supportive and lenient towards whatever he did; never to get angered by his school grades or the way he ditched home. She ultimately adored her son. Age 18, his mother introduced him into football at an attempt to change his ways. It was just like that when he developed a love for school football. Anything that got sweat on his back, or got him moving, he loved. Then that he began to fix himself up. His grades came up, negative influences left his life (minus alcohol), and he slowly began to see a positive change in himself.
He realized his skill in football was above the average other. He began to lose interest in parkour and saxophone, and left those as minor hobbies. As he found self worth in himself Julio or 'Gato' soon changed his rowdy and rebellious attitude as he hit age 19. He gave up his repulsive ways because he knew good and well he wouldn't get anywhere in life with a personality as grand as garbage. His summed up to be a decent kid and managed to graduate from high school, all of which while flunking once.
He confirmed he wanted to be a football coach quickly after graduating. He took his skill of football wits into action and become a local football coach of Dallas when he turned 20.
At age 21, infection had come, and had taken the life of his mother. The city of Dallas that he once lived in had been deserted and he was one, if at all, the only survivor left in the city. During the first couple months he managed to survive the spread of infection by staying enclosed in his apartment complex, mourning over the death of the deceased woman whom he called mom.
Months, passed, then finally a year had passed, and there had been a little girl named Reyna at his door step, dressed in scraps and equipped with a drawstring backpack full of packaged snack foods, a couple bottles of water, a blanket, a note, and a frying pan. He'd been more than welcome to take her in and quickly afterwards figuring that she was the daughter of himself and his ex-girlfriend. Five months passed, and Julio’s life quickly brightened, and their bonds tied together tightly.
It was then the day he had been bitten on the shoulder by a common infected. Infection took place almost instantly, yet he was able to communicate with others the same, comprehend anything anyone said, and remained sane. The major changes that had taken place were that his skin had turned from a lively tan to a pasty grey and olive color, he’d managed to scratch his right eye out, his parkour skills had enhanced, and he’d gotten uncontrollable urges to pounce and growl like any average hunter. Bonds still tied together tightly between him and Reyna; she saw no difference in him and his infected self. They’d left the city and moved near L4MS, where he became the new football coach. He and his daughter moved into a smaller apartment shortly after.


Daughter- Reyna Santiago
Relationship: This little girlie is his LIFE. This is his day and night. Sun and moon. Bread and butter. Peanut butter and jelly. The list goes on, you get the idea. She is the ONLY thing that can make him go on rampage. Make her cry? He’ll knock the infected out of your infected. Period.

LIKES: Reyna (More than anything in the world), cats, musically talented students, positively influenced students, saxophone, alcohol, coaching, parkour, and the yellow.

DISLIKES: His habit to alcohol, seeing Reyna cry, rebellious children (Reminds him of the way he acted before), lazy students, bitterly uptight people, bisexual/gays, and dogs.

-He currently has two pet cats named Emilio and Carlos.
-Julio is horrified by gays/bisexuals for reasons unknown.
-He’s known to play saxophone to put Reyna to sleep.
-In speech, He has the tendency to mix his English vocabulary up with Spanish.

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Re: Julio "Gato" Santiago - Hunter - Football Coach

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Re: Julio "Gato" Santiago - Hunter - Football Coach

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Wow! Your OC's are very nice!

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Re: Julio "Gato" Santiago - Hunter - Football Coach

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