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((picture coming soon))

NAME: Frida Von Otten

GENDER: Female

AGE: 14, May 3


EYE COLOR: Pale yellow


APPEARANCE: Frida, like most Jockeys, has a 'hunched' apperance , but she does stand straight on ocassion.
Frida mostly likes to wear summer type clothes alot. She mostly wears a sleeveless shirt that ties around the neck.
She wear a pair of 'Jorts' (shorts that look similar to jeans) along with a belt. Frida also likes to wear knee high socks with sneakers
and she also has wristbands on each arm. Her hair is relatively short with a cow lick in the back.

HEIGHT: 4'11"

PERSONALITY: Frida is always seen with a cheery/excited mood. It's very easy to make her laugh, even if its something dumb/cheesy she'll chuckle at it. Ever since
the infection she much more energetic she used to be. She's very adventurous, making things more exciting and action-y. Frida is also courteous, always making sure to tend to her
friends first before she can think of things for herself, meaning she is rather friendly. Frida can be persistant when there's a problem, she's willing to get it solved no matter
how hard the task is.

However even though she's persistant she not too practical, but she definitely tries her best. Sometimes her persistancy can cause her to act childish and naive if the situation does
not involve kids/teens like her, and she definitely likes to interfere a lot to the point where people find it annoying. Of course, being a teen, Frida is still a little immature, she
whines over little things and that just makes her look silly. Frida is also lazy even for the little tasks she's asked to do. She can also be seen as dull/upset out of nowhere and no one
would know whats wrong unless she actually speaks up.


INTERACTION WITH OTHER STUDENTS: She likes to accept anyone as a friend, but she knows which ones to accept and which once to ignore. (Mostly rude and stuck up students.)
If one of her friends is being picked on or pushed around she wont hesitate to take action and step in. Though Frida does not use physical violence at school, she wouldnt mind
using it if someone decides to go too far. Frida is also very fun to hang out with, like it says above she likes to make things exciting for everyone.

INTERACTION WITH TEACHERS: Frida gives her teachers good manners, effort, & respect, especially when it comes to Gym. She focuses really hard on school work and gets good grades...cause
if not then sports is off her list of school activites for good. Frida answers questions as often as she can, but if called to the board, she can be quite nervous. Mean/strict teachers make her
very tense and on guard, so that she doesnt make any mistake to piss them off. But eventually those teachers will find her as a responsible teen and go easy on her.

FAMILY: Parents, Uncle, Cousin

Parents: Not much is known about Frida's parents except the fact that they are really famous musicians back in Italy. Frida's parents do however send letters and from time to time phone calls to
keep in touch with her. They do know after infection of what happened to Frida, but they're just glad she's okay and not killed. They wish they could visit but they are booked for concerts mostly on the
other side of the world so...yeah it may be a long while. In order to show respect to her parents, Frida plays the piano and takes it seriously.

Uncle: Ex-sailor and unfortunately a 'zombie apocalypse' guy. He always believed that the zombie apocalypse would hit one day so he has all the equipment needed. However when the infection hit he didnt expect
so many civil "zombies" roaming around normally so he stays in his Boat House Safe House just to be safe. He stands as Frida's guardian since her parents are away. When Frida got infected, he was of course scared
she turned into a rogue "zombie" , but she was able to confirm she wasn't before a bullet when through her head. He, however, was bitten by his son Bryce, but he didnt have a weapon at the time so he didn't expect
it. Luckily he didn't turn into a "zombie" so his current state is Immune.

Cousin (Bryce)-20:
Bryce stands as a brotherly figure to Frida and unfortunately has to deal with her immaturity more than others. (LOL) He works as a life guard on the beach and is a very good swimmer. Bryce also taught
Frida to be on the look out for adventure, becuase it can be anything, anywhere. Sometimes Bryce is a jerk to Frida, acting smuge and likes to mess with her a lot. After infection he became a Hunter, and he mistakenly
bit his dad on the arm AND accidentally scratched Frida's mouth meaning he was the cause of her infection. He's very guilty for what happened, but he shakes it off when he sees that Frida was okay.

BEFORE INFECTION, Frida's parents were always busy with their musical careers that they couldn't spend enough time with Frida. When Frida was 8, her parents had to leave for their tour so they took Frida to
her uncles so that she was looked after. Frida's uncle liked to tell her certain "zombie apocalypse" or "sailor" stories that she actually found hilarious. Her and Bryce (14) would ocassionally go exploring along the beach or the woods pretending
to be adventurers and had fun doing so. She also went to school and she was a good kid. She got very good grades in music specifically because even though her parents weren't there to see her she didnt want to disappoint them so she played the
piano to make them proud. Years later, Bryce (18) *lifeguard in training* suggested Frida to take on sports so that she wasn't too lazy and non-energetic so she took on gymnastics at school. Soon she was very skilled at the sport and was the top in
the class. Though one day after practice she noticed streets seemed more deserted by the day. Once she came home she was greated rather painfully. INFECTION HIT. Bryce (who was a pre-Hunter) accidentally scratched her mouth, nearly seperating her jaw. She wailed in pain and
dropped to the ground breathing irregularly with her teeth closed together. She felt pain burn all over her face for a good 10 minutes, and she slowly passed out. Only a few mintues later she was face to face with a shotgun barrel with her uncle yelling
at her if she was a "zombie". She jerked to her feet really quickly and said she wasnt. Thankfully her uncle believed her. After the accident Frida stayed at home for 2 years. Her appearence changed through time and she was now a full Jockey (and Bryce was now a full Hunter.) Later in
the news her uncle learned about a special school for the "zombies" and Frida was excited, she hadn't been to school in a long time and she was determined to make up what she lost in the past years. Her uncle enrolled her into the school.


LIKES: Adventure, gossip (hehehe), sports, gymnastics, Music (classical), playing PIANO, She is a HOT SAUCE MANIAC (she always loved spicy food and sauces), fruit (the sour kinds lemons, limes, kiwis), vegetables (PEPPERS LOL), jokes, SUMMER (ADVENTURE ALL AROUND!),the beach, HUGS (nothing is better than a friendly hug)
she likes to volenteer, likes to cheer people up, her family (totally awesome people), and knee high socks (she loves the different varieties.)

DISLIKES: Rude infected, being left out, when people laugh at her embarassment, she HATE Habaneros (it IS a pepper but its so SPICY AS FUCK, even Frida cant handle it xD) she hates being non-successful in class, she HATES when people dis her ability in music (she'll totally prove them wrong), fall/winter (no adventure :c ),
when people call her 'childish', she's nervous when her friends are mad at her, she actually doesnt like sweets too much (the only sweets she likes is ice cream & popsicles), and she doesn't like long sleeves (can't move too swiftly in them.)


•When you see Frida, She will have rather small pupils and a WIDE smile on her face.

•Because of her mouth injury, she can't close it normally so all she can really do is smile/frown with her teeth showing. (However she now has a natural ability to speak with her mouth closed HAHA)

•The only time she does close her mouth is when playing the piano or eating. (she can frown a little bit.)

•Frida always carries a mini bottle of hot sauce in her pocket xD.

•Penelope and Frida are 'best buds'. Frida helps out at Penny's shop after school on Monday's, Wednesday's, and Friday's.
(Penny appreciates her help a lot, but Frida can be a little lazy on the job)

•Frida LOVES to butt into Penny's problems, sometimes making them worse LOL.

•Frida likes to use spanish phrases (top favorites are "MUY CALIENTE" & "ME GUSTA" xD)

•Frida likes to hug a lot (sometimes unexpected, haha jockey instincts)

•Her ability to jump and cling acts as her 'attack'. She doen't ride victims, but instead pulls at their heads or throw them on the ground really hard.



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