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Post  TheOperator on Mon Dec 12, 2011 8:05 am

NAME: Emma Shroedir

GENDER: Female

AGE: 42


SEXUALITY(if over 16): Straight.


HAIR COLOR: Dark mahogany brown; short and usually in a tight bun that's off to one side slightly.

HEIGHT: 5' 9"

APPEARANCE: A tall woman with pale sickly skin, narrow eyes that can bore into your soul, and the characteristic spitter mouth and belly. She's usually out in her black sports bra and army cargo pants with combat boots. She usually has some domineering sneer on her face when she's not fawning over her daughter, Olivia, or her boyfriend of 12 years, Errick. Her spit is a pale purple color. Her nails are long and painted black, the middle one being bright pink (so when she fingers you its all the more amazing). Unlike most spitters, she doesn't have a thong showing over her pants. She has some civilization, even if her belly does hang out.

OCCUPATION(optional): Single mother and girlfriend.

PERSONALITY: Tough, motherly towards her daughter, and skilled at analyzing people. She intelligent and not at all stupid, so don't call her that. Emma has a way of making you spit out what you need to say rather than working around the bush. She calls it the "Stare". She doesn't take BS and makes sure you know it by spitting up a bucket full of acid in your face if you piss her off. Hard-working and observant she's protective of those close to her and allows only a few people to get close. She has a mouth worse than a trucker's when she gets mad and isn't afraid to go into a fist fight.

INTERACTION WITH OTHERS: Depends on how they talk to her. if they talk smack she either punches them, insults them, or spits up on them. If they are nice, then she can be the sweetest (while not the prettiest) thing to them. She'll stand firm against those who'd wish her harm (either physical or mental) and has ruined quite a few people.

HISTORY/BIO: A tough woman who's been....shall we say, around the block a few times...before she got infected. She was, as most spitters tend to have been, a "courtesan" (as she calls it) and got infected by one of her clients. She wasn't impressed, more irritated with the man's audacity to even dare do such a thing. He didn't last long. As the world went to hell, Emma found herself spitting on survivors as pranks, never intending to eat any of them. She was a lady after all, and ladies don't break a nail on what a man can do for them. One day she found herself trapped in a pile of rubbage when a Tank was going ape-shit on a bunch of survivors. He was headed her way and it was that moment she found love. A Hunter named Errick suddenly landed beside her, scooped her up and leaped out of the Tank's way with seconds to spare.

They fell in love and have been together happily for almost 13 years now. How they found love is beyond anyone but whatevs. Love doesn't discriminate >:/ . They had a love child named Olivia (but don't tell her. She doesn't know.). She absolutely adores her daughter and home-schooled her until she could go to Middle School.

Emma has great joy in daring Errick to do new (often stupid) things, and seeing him go through them. She hates Tanks and thinks that they're just steroid injected idiots who go on rampages and could do with some Anger Management. But that's just her opinion after nearly being killed by one.

Olivia Shroedir (daughter)
Errick Eddinstein (boyfriend)

LIKES: Errick, dares, games, pranks, pissing people off, having a reason to gross someone out, the color of her spit, her boots, her family, Olivia, cute things, painting her nails, irritating that guy who works at J. J. Scoops (scuttle), flaunting her (not so) gorgeous figure, being all lovey-dovey with Errick, warmth, swimming, flicking things at people, annoying survivors, getting Errick all flustered, romance flicks.

DISLIKES: Tanks, anyone who dares to insult either her or any of her family, people threatening her, people threatening to harm her daughter, idiots, being called a whore, breaking a nail, getting spit all over a new book and ruining it, people who don't know the definition of "courtesan", those who can't take a joke.

EXTRA: Like stated above, Olivia is her and Errick's daughter, though Olivia doesn't know. She's in major debate about whether or not she should tell olivia or save it for another year. She maintains a nice little apartment with a small flower garden.

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