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Post  TenderFoot on Sun Jul 17, 2011 1:43 am

Can I submit a character?

Of course you can! You don't need to ask.

How many characters may I submit?

Unlimited as long as you are actually active with the characters you submit.

What kind of characters may I submit?

Humans(Immune/Survivor), Hunters, Smokers, Boomers, Witches, Tanks, Spitters, Jockeys, Chargers, Common Infected, Uncommon Common Infected(CEDA Worker/Fallen Survivor/Clown/Mud Men/Worker/Riot), Screamers or Hybrids of any two special infected.

If you want to submit a type of character that is not listed, you may send a private message to an Admin and ask for permission.

May I submit a Hybrid?

Yes you can, but make sure you read the RULES ABOUT SUBMITTING HYBRIDS before submitting them.

Do I have to be a member on the DA L4MS group to join this one?


Am I allowed to become a member here even though I don't have a character?

Sure! There are OOC discussions available for members who don't prefer para RP but still want to be involved with the forum community.

Can I post in OOC topics even though I haven't submitted a character?

Yep! That's not a problem at all.

I have a really great idea to for the Forum, how can I get it up and running?

If you have any ideas, you should send a PM to an Admin or Mod to discuss it. You should also do this if you have an idea for a new AU.

Can I start a new topic for an RP?


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